Our Stand on Elder Care


Residents at Carmel Villa are encouraged individually to maintain and develop their fullest potential for independent living in an assisted living setting. They are encouraged to do for themselves what they safely can. They are assisted with the activities of daily living in a caring, attentive manner. Within the guidelines of state regulations, common sense, and a genuine concern for elder care in this country, every possible opportunity is given to the resident to have a choice in the matter of their care. Affording an individual’s “choice in the matter” acknowledges their dignity and their humanity.

Residents choose to participate in activities that have personal appeal and meaning for them. An activity program is more than scheduled “things to do”. It is also the interaction that takes place among individuals as they participate in them. Having something “to do”, however planned and presented, has little value in helping individuals cope with feelings of loneliness, uselessness, and depression.

Activities are primarily important when they provide an individual the experiences of acceptance by others, belonging to a group and recognition of their individuality. An activities program, then, is not only WHAT happens and WHEN it happens, but the MEANING it has for the individual. Again, facilitating an individual’s choice acknowledges their dignity and humanity.

Residents at Carmel Villa are medically supervised by their own private physicians. The administrator arranges medical appointments and transportation, and accompanies residents to their appointments on the Monterey Peninsula. Family members are encouraged to accompany them, but it is not required. It is the administrator’s philosophy that the plan of care for a resident must address the resident’s wishes and needs as well as the family’s concerns.

Upon a resident’s admission to Carmel Villa, it is strongly encouraged a concerned family member accompanies the resident to the first physician’s visit along with the administrator. This is the opportune time for the general and specifics of a plan of care for the resident to be established. For example, all medications are reviewed, the reasons they are prescribed, their past and continued effectiveness and how long they have been taken.

It is the professional opinion of the administrator that the elderly are often over-medicated, unintentionally, and that this periodic review of medications is valuable to their well-being. Many medications are clearly essential for specific physiological reasons, such as thyroid, heart, and blood pressure medicines. Sometimes, however, psychoactive drugs such as those used for depression, confusion, sleep, etc, are numerous, of questionable effectiveness and increase the risk of adverse drug interactions.

It IS NOT the policy of Carmel Villa to use chemicals (drugs) as restraints. Also, the pharmacokinetics (how the body handles a drug) is often not addressed, especially in the elderly. An individual over-medicated, albeit unintentionally, is not living joyfully or with dignity.

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